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DSCN2464_edited-1Have you purchased your 2016 Flathead Audubon Nature Calendar yet? If not, click here. You’re in for a treat – beautiful photos from Flathead Valley nature photographers, fascinating scientific information about the natural world around us, plus hints and tips on what to expect in nature each day. This is much more than just a calendar! (Great for gifts too!)

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Spirit Above LR

Dark Skies by John Ashley

Why are dark skies so important? Last night we were honored to have local photographer and long time Flathead Audubon Member John Ashley tell us. Through his presentation, he showed his wonderful photography of our night skies and told the story of the encroaching light. With initiatives like dark sky designation, turning off lights where […]

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Dancing Crane JohnWinnie maybe

Fall in Montana

From the Board by Jim Rychwalski As an avid bird watcher and naturalist Montana is an awesome state to live in. It gives you the opportunity to explore a multitude of different ecosystems with its resident birds and wildlife not to mention the flora and fauna that reside in these areas. To compliment outdoor field […]

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Lincoln’s Sparrow

by Gail Cleveland “It’s one of those LBJ’s (Little Brown Jobs). It’s probably a sparrow. Oh, it’s cute. Look at how it raises its crown!” This is most likely a typical response when spotting a Lincoln’s Sparrow (Melospiza lincolnii). These LBJ’s can be seen in Northwestern Montana during the breeding season but with less frequency […]

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Found near Hamilton
MT, 2014, this Bald
Eagle died from lead
poisoning. It exhibited
clinical signs of lead
poisoning such as head
and wing droop, muscle
tremors, and anorexia.
Photo courtesy Brooke
Tanner, Wild Skies
Raptor Center.

Lead Bullets and Wildlife

by Lewis Young and Kate Stone Are you a big game hunter? Do you use lead bullets? Lead bullets, even copper jacketed lead bullets, fired from high velocity guns fragment on impact losing 20-40% of their mass when they hit an object. As many as 200 fragments disperse throughout the carcass and are often too small […]

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Long-billed Curlew

LONG-BILLED CURLEW IS A MIGRATORY TREAT by Ben Long The Long-billed Curlew is North America’s largest shorebird. It just happens to spend a good part of its life hundreds of miles from the nearest seashore, here in Montana. The curlew is one of the most striking species of birds in the Treasure State. It stands […]

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Ferruginous Hawk

North America’s Largest Hawk By John Hughes The Ferruginous Hawk, Buteo regalis, whose name means a kingly or royal hawk, is so named for its large size and eagle-like appearance. Its common name Ferruginous comes from the Latin word ferrugo, meaning rust, to describe the rusty brown color of the species’ light morph. While uncommon […]

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Cavity Nester Trunkon Trunks 008

Education Trunks for Birds

Bird ID and Costume Trunk – for pre-school to middle school ages. What’s a great way to learn about birds? By becoming one of course! This trunk provides a costume to dress your students up with all the major bird adaptations to turn them into “real” birds of a feather, and real feathers for show […]

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