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Short-eared Owl Photo Credit: Dick Walker

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December means Christmas Bird Counts! Find out how you can participate in one (or more) of the many counts occurring all over Northwestern Montana by checking out our Northwest Montana Christmas Bird Count - 2018 article. Come to our December meeting to learn more about the counts.

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The new version 6.0 of "Bird Songs of Western Montana" has landed!

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Conservation Educator’s Niche – December 2018

by Denny Olson Most of us spend either a little or a lot of time out watching birds. We do it because we like it, and that fact often traces back to our childhood. A lot of us  played outdoors – in my case, quite a bit. I was lucky enough to be where nature was nearby. It just felt good to be out there, but I was oblivious to...

Jewel Basin Hawk Watch 2018—a Very Different Season

by Dan Casey After more than ten years of experience monitoring fall migration of raptors in the Jewel Basin, we should typically see about 2,600 raptors (mean, 2,598) on about 45 survey days between the end of August and early November. This year we once again conducted 45 surveys, although our average survey length of 5.7 hours was our lowest ever, as was our average passage rate of 6.4 birds/hr....

Recycling in the Flathead

7Recycling in the Flathead is becoming more difficult. Right now only one facility in the Valley takes plastic, and that is the City of Whitefish Recycling Center, which is for Whitefish residents only. Nevertheless, for many materials, you can find a drop-off site even if you don’t live in Whitefish. Here is where you can take some common materials: Facility paper & cardboard plastic #1 & #2 aluminum cans &...

December 2018 Chirps and Squawks

Highlights from November 5th, 2018 Board Meeting Laura Katzman and Paul Travis of Flathead Land Trust gave a presentation about the Flathead River Conservation Project. They are working on fundraising to match large grants to fund their project. The area provides habitat for about 150 bird species. The Education Committee met in Whitefish at the Center for Sustainability, where they did some work on the school ambassador program and the...

Members vs. Board Challenge – 2018

by Kay Mitchell, President December brings financial appeals from almost every organization under the sun. Your mailbox is probably as packed with them as mine is. Sometimes I’m not even a member of the organization wanting my money. And once in a while, I haven’t even heard of the organization. I’m always tempted to “save the world,” but then I remember some of the best advice. “Think Globally, Act Locally.” I...

Snow Bunting

by Jeannie Marcure This month’s feature bird visits the Flathead in winter, seeking relief from the harsh weather of its breeding grounds in the tundra and has the distinction of being the only winter songbird in our area that is mostly white. A circumpolar bird, the sparrow-sized Snow Bunting breeds farther north than almost any other land bird, and its appearance in our part of the world heralds the approach...

December 2018 Program

Christmas Bird Counts in the Flathead Presented by Pete Fisher and Craig Hohenberger As we roll into December, it is once again Christmas Bird Count time! Join Craig Hohenberger (Bigfork CBC compiler) and Pete Fisher (Kalispell CBC compiler) on Monday, December 10th for a presentation that will combine summaries of trends, some “virtual birding” and a wide variety of photos to help tell the story of early winter birds in...

Lois Drobish recognized for outstanding service to Flathead Audubon

by Gael Bissell, Kay Mitchell, Linda Winnie. In November the Flathead Audubon Board voted to recognize Lois Drobish for her 20 years of volunteer work for Flathead Audubon and present her with a Certificate of Recognition for her outstanding service. Lois has served Flathead Audubon in various capacities in these  20 years. She began her service in September 1998 when she signed on to be part of a 3-member Hospitality...

Northwest Montana Christmas Bird Counts – 2018

It's time for the annual Christmas Bird Count! There are many happening all over Northwestern Montana. Check out the list below for a count near you. Dates and contact info is provided. New birders as well as seasoned veterans are welcome. Put on a warm jacket, make sure your binos are in working order, and get ready to have fun with fellow birders as we tally our winter feathered friends....

Conservation Educator’s Niche – November 2018

by Denny Olson Probably the most photographed education activity – maybe the most photographed thing in the entire history of Flathead Audubon – is a little kid in our old standby felt bird costume. It’s pretty cute, especially if it’s your own child, and the “littles” walk away with a good concept of what makes a bird a bird. Beaks, feet, wings, tail, body down, primaries, secondaries, crests – they...

West Valley Naturalists and the West Valley Native Plant Gardens Update

by Linda de Kort Six years ago FAS partnered with USFS for a “more kids in the woods” grant. Thanks especially to the genius and perseverance of Teresa Wenum at USFS three rural schools were able to educate students and staff about the value of native plants. Moreover grant money was provided so that students could research and then plant native flowering herbaceous and woody plants on the school grounds....

Improvements at Owen Sowerwine

On Saturday, 29 September, 15 FAS members got together in wonderful weather for the annual Owen Sowerwine Workday. Tasks included the traditional mowing of the main trail and pulling weeds. Additional tasks were to finish the bridge from the Montessori School to the north end of Owen Sowerwine and to install interpretive signs at the entrances concerning weed control. Despite the presence of a young female grizzly bear, the work...