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Rough-legged Hawk - Photo Credit: Jake Bramante

Beth Gardner presentation rescheduled!

We keep seeming to find ways to postpone meetings. Our apologies for the incorrect link sent out for Beth's much anticipated presentation on the crazy underwater antics of our native fishes. The meeting is re-scheduled for next Monday, January 18th at 7pm.

We sent out the updated link via our "Flathead  Fly-by" newsletter, so check your email to get the updated link (if you didn't get the email, make sure you scroll down and sign up for it for future announcements.) If you want the link and didn't get it via the Fly-By, shoot an email to us at info@flatheadaudubon.org.

Flathead Audubon's video series is complete!

Our talented Conservation Education Coordinator, Denny Olson, has just completed the last of a three part video series (see all videos here). The series entertains while secretly educating you on why birds are amazing (Part 1 - Birds Rock!), how they're in trouble (Part 2 - Bird Trouble), and how you and I can help them out (Part 3 - Bird Help). While you're checking out our videos, you can head over to our Flathead Audubon YouTube Channel to see these and presentations as we post them online. Make sure you subscribe to our channel to get future updates (and it helps us out too!).

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Conservation Educator’s Niche – January 2021

by Denny Olson At my house, during this tumultuous year, unlike anything any of us has seen before, prompted a good-natured by-word that has been used for a lot of laughs at bizarre and sometimes semi-tragic times. “What NOW?” There have been many adaptations to life in general, and with most everyone sequestered, we at…

Flathead Recon receives Conservation Achievement Recognition

Glass recycling in the Flathead Valley has been difficult in recent years for many reasons, but one local company has been trying to change that. Using as their business mantra “Divert good materials from the landfill”, Flathead Recon is northwest Montana’s only glass pulverizing resource. Owner Dave Fischlowitz believes recycling should be done locally. After…

Montana’s 67th Legislature Will Convene January 4th

by Amy Seaman, Montana Audubon The 67th Montana Legislature is setting up to be like no other. Major changes in the legislature’s make up make it hard to know what to expect. And Covid precautions will mean that our physical presence in the Capitol halls will be limited. But we are not backing down from…

group of african penguins

African Penguins

by Anthony Nelson Starting my career as an animal keeper, penguins were the last animal I wanted to work with. As fate would have it, the African Penguins were the only species needing a “primary” keeper at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, and so began my connection to these ridiculous birds. There are around 18 species…

President’s Column – January 2020

Gael Bissell, Flathead Audubon President BIRDS ROCK! and BIRD TROUBLE! and BIRD HELP! As 2020 closes out, it is my sincerest hope that the new Covid-19 vaccines gradually take the vise grips off society and we get back to some type of normalcy…like in-person Flathead Audubon meetings, field trips, and many other group birding activities!…

January 2021 Program

Montana’s Amazing Native Fish: where truth is stranger than fiction presented by Beth Gardner Have you ever heard of fish that doesn’t like to swim? Or how about the one so primitive and bizarre that it is surely a ghost from very ancient times? Beth has picked out 7 odd-ball species found here in Montana…