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Jewel Basin Hawk Watch is SOARING!!

Record days are happening up on the ridge of the Swan Mountains. Thousands of migrating raptors ride the wind coming up the mountains to ease their trip southward. Our hawk watch site up in the Jewel Basin gives you front row seats. Head up to help be a spotter (even if you can't ID very well) or follow along on the Dunkadoo site as the count is updated live as our primary counters log the birds. Find more details in our Jewel Basin Hawk Watch article.

Birds Rock!

Check out Flathead Audubon’s entertaining (and educational) new film featuring our very own eccentric Professor Avian Guano, Bir.D., narrating all the reasons that birds really do rock! Birds really are critical to our existence. We appreciate not only their beauty and songs, but also the many benefits they provide.  Our new video brings the message home in a unique and informative way. Find the video here!


Hope you're out birding despite the ongoing virus outbreak

Fall migrations are happening. Check out the most recent edition of the Flathead Valley Bird Report by Josh Covill that features a summer recap and what to be looking for. Our FAS website has a list of excellent locations around the valley for observing fall migration on our Birding Hotspots page. Breathe some fresh air and challenge yourself to learn new birds! If you have exciting bird sightings that you want to share or amazing bird photos, let us know by dropping us a line on our Contact Us page.

If you do get outdoors safely to enjoy our spring migration of waterfowl and songbirds, we suggest that you do not carpool, share binoculars or scopes with any other people, and, that you respect others’ space, even when outside.

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OSNA Weed Work – Fall 2020

By Pam Willison In addition to the work done by our two weed spraying contractors, Todd Butts and Jon Hesselwood, a number of people worked as volunteers to help control invasive plant species in Owen Sowerwine this spring and summer. A big THANK-YOU to:  Denny Olson, Pam Willison, Sally Cameron-Russell, Derrick Rathe, Will Beyer, and…

woman taking photo of mountain

Conservation Corner – September 2020

by Carole Jorgensen The Great American Outdoors Act was signed into law in August 2020.  It provides the promised money to implement the 1965 Land and Water Conservation Act.  The LWCA was designed to fund conservation and recreation as partial mitigation for off-shore oil and gas development, but was fully funded only two years in…

September 2020 Chirps and Squawks

Highlights from the May, July, and August  2020 Board meetings May 4, 2020 Input was provided for Denny to create a final version of the Birds Rock! video, and ideas were offered about how best to publicize it and make it available to people.A draft of the 2020-21 budget was reviewed, and there was discussion…

Conservation Educator’s Niche – September 2020

by Denny Olson  None of us had a playbook called COVID 2020. Hunkering down at home with only the closest ones to you (or completely alone), internet TV subscriptions and binge-watching, too-easy access to recreational beverages, adults/kids/pets all sick of each other, and when you go out in masked anonymity, no hugs, shaking hands, or…

close up photo of bird on tree branch

Celebrating Birds of Prey – September 12-19th, 2020

by Gael Bissell  In place of our traditional September one-day Birds of Prey Festival at Lone Pine, we will offer a week-long celebration of birds of prey with cool opportunities for you and your family to see and learn more about these incredible flying predators.  We actually begin focusing on birds of prey in late August,…

bird flying on sky

Birds of Prey in Flight

Mini-course September 18 & 19, 2020 Take a socially distanced Birds of Prey in Flight mini-course taught by Flathead Audubon Conservation Educator Denny Olson September 18 and 19 at Lone Pine State Park.  On Friday afternoon, September 18, 2 – 4 PM, we will get some practice and tips on in-flight ID of raptors with…