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Short-eared Owl Photo Credit: Dick Walker

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Whether or not you're a member of Flathead Audubon, come join us for our monthly meetings on the second Monday of every month from September through May. Hear wonderful presentations, learn new info, and see what we are up to (all while enjoying delicious treats). Check the Activities and Field Trips page for the latest on our meetings, field trips, and other events.

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The new version 6.0 of "Bird Songs of Western Montana" has landed!

Bruce Tannehill has been hard at work updating the wonderful Bird Songs of Western Montana. Birds have local "dialects" so this is an invaluable resource for those working on birding by ear in our local habitats. You can pick one up here in our online shop!

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Study Finds Mountain Birds Are on an Escalator to Extinction

Warming temperatures forcing an upward shift from Cornell Lab of Ornithology Warmer temperatures are pushing mountain-dwelling birds ever higher as they try to stay in their comfort zone. That's the conclusion of a group of scientists who retraced the steps of a 1985 expedition in the Peruvian Andes and documented how birds had shifted in the intervening 30 years. The new study also shows that species that were already living...

The Great Backyard Bird Count February 15-18, 2019

You Can Be Part Of The Team—Every Bird Counts The 22nd annual Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) takes place February 15-18, 2019. The GBBC is a free, fun and easy nationwide event that engages bird appreciators of all ages in counting birds to create a real time snapshot of bird populations around the world. Participants are ask to count birds for as little as 15 minutes or spend the day...

Conservation Educator’s Niche – January 2019

By Denny Olson “The last word in ignorance is the man who says of an animal or plant, ‘What good is it?’ Who but a fool would discard seemingly useless parts? To keep every cog and wheel is the first precaution of intelligent tinkering.” Aldo Leopold   One of the things that my Dad could always do, and I considered it almost magical through much of my childhood, was to...

Bigfork CBC 2018 Report

by Craig Hohenberger, compiler The 45th annual Bigfork Christmas Bird Count was held Saturday, December 15th, under cloudy skies, periodic “snow bands,” and strong SSE winds (10-17 mph) in the morning. The afternoon weather conditions were considerably better for birding, with good visibility and diminished winds. Snow depths were non-existent and/or limited to the eastern edges of the count circle; temperatures ranged from 32-43 degrees F. Rivers and lakes were...

January 2019 Chirps and Squawks

Highlights from December 3rd, 2018 Board Meeting Kay Mitchell reported that a group of 4th-6th grade girls named “Girls Who Code” are working on a project to make the bird call CD’s downloadable for mobile use. Denny Olson and the Education Committee will start some preliminary work on creating a mentoring program between older and younger students, by doing fact-finding, brain-storming curriculum, and holding discussions with school principals. A Murdock...

Get Ready Audubon Chapters Montana’s 66th Legislature is Set to Convene January 7th

by Amy Seaman, Conservation Program Manager, Montana Audubon In less than a month, the 66th Montana Legislature will convene, launching Montana Audubon into a four-month frenzy of researching, strategizing, testifying, and lobbying on bills that affect Montana’s wildlife, wildlife habitat, and bedrock environmental laws. With a federal backdrop of attacks on the Endangered Species Act, Sage Grouse conservation plans, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, and the Clean Water Rule, we...

Education Committee Trunk Training Opportunity

Audubon members are invited to a training to learn about the contents of FAS’s educational trunks. We will share the materials from three or four trunks, the contents of which feature birds, climate and conservation. Participants will learn how to present educational trunks to area groups such as schools, community organizations and senior centers. Another way to help is to learn how to become an Audubon “Ambassador”. These folks shuttle...

Great Horned Owl

by Lisa Bate Few birds have the incredibly intense reputation of the Great Horned Owl. Large, tough, strong, and capable of silent flight, these birds are hunting sleuths. Their powerful talons can apply 28 pounds of force while holding their prey. Their sharp beaks are lethal and effective for snapping spinal cords and ripping flesh apart. They feed upon the widest variety of prey of any American owl. Their diet...

January 2019 Program

Prairie Bandits: The Story of Montana's Black-footed Ferrets Presented by John Ashley John Ashley will present Flathead Audubon's evening program on Monday, 14 January at 7 PM in the Gateway Community Room in Kalispell. The program is free and open to the public. Black-footed ferrets are Montana's rarest native mammal. John will begin the program with a historical review of Black-footed Ferrets in North America, focusing on ferrets in Montana....

In Memory of Lois Drobish

by Linda Winnie Lois Drobish, long time hostess of Flathead Audubon’s monthly meetings, passed away the evening of November 19, 2018, peacefully, with her family by her side.  Lois served for 20 years on the Flathead Audubon Hospitality Committee, 16 of those as Chair. She was a valued participant in our monthly Board meetings over the last decade, and for 15 years served as tracker of the volunteers at the...

Wildlife in Winter

by Carole Jorgenson, Jill Fanning, Denny Olson As we stay in our warm homes at night, we might wonder what the wildlife is doing out there in the forest. Animals have evolved for billions of years to live and reproduce in seasonal and diurnal changes. Winter is the time to rest. To recuperate. To sleep. To Dream. And, for some, to die. Some birds and small mammals will clump together...

Conservation Educator’s Niche – December 2018

by Denny Olson Most of us spend either a little or a lot of time out watching birds. We do it because we like it, and that fact often traces back to our childhood. A lot of us  played outdoors – in my case, quite a bit. I was lucky enough to be where nature was nearby. It just felt good to be out there, but I was oblivious to...