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Cavity Nester Trunkon Trunks 008

Education Trunks for Birds

Bird ID and Costume Trunk – for pre-school to middle school ages. What’s a great way to learn about birds? By becoming one of course! This trunk provides a costume to dress your students up with all the major bird adaptations to turn them into “real” birds of a feather, and real feathers for show […]

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Ruddy Duck

THE DUCK WITH THE SKY BLUE BILL by Linda de Kort “Why did the artist paint that duck with a bright blue bill?” That is a question posed by those admiring the colorful Montana Audubon license plate. The answer is: because that is an accurate representation of the sky blue color of the bill of […]

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Gray-crowned Rosy-finch

By Dennis Olson In the early autumn I lunched above timberline in Glacier National Park with a small group of hikers, overlooking the vast prairie lands to the west. The wind was howling through a saddle and we were sheltered in the upper reaches of a cliff dropping thousands of feet to the valley floor. […]

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Downy & Hairy Woodpecker

HAIRY OR DOWNY? By Jeannie Marcure This month’s feature birds are two of my favorites—partly I suspect, because like many of us, they are yearlong residents in the Flathead. Their frequent appearance at my suet feeders has brightened many cold, snowy days and in March their persistent drumming as they search for mates is often […]

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Bohemian & Cedar Waxwings

By Gail Cleveland There is a chill in the air, the flowers are fading and the Mountain Ash berries, snowberries, rose hips and ornamental crab apples will soon be the “color” in my backyard. These berries will be the winter food for one of my favorite birds, the Waxwings. During the winter months, flocks of […]

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Black-backed Woodpecker

BLACK-BACKED WOODPECKERS DEPEND ON BURNED FORESTS  By Jeannie Marcure As I write this article, the summer fires in our area have consumed more than 120,000 acres of timber in the Flathead and Glacier Park areas. For more than three weeks now our skies have been choked with smoke and our news reports filled with the […]

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