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Olive-sided Flycatcher - Photo Credit: Jake Bramante

Olive-sided Flycatcher

A Novel Voice of the Boreal Forest by Kathy Ross It was an early spring morning in Glacier Park backcountry. Along with a group of researchers, I stood mesmerized by the drama we were witnessing. In the tall, grassy, wet meadow below us, a gray wolf unrelentingly chased a distraught cow moose. The intense scene […]

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Black-backed Woodpecker - Photo Credit: Jake Bramante

Black-backed Woodpecker

by Lisa Bate When you look into a recently burned forest, what do you see? Destruction and loss? Or can you sense the pulse of new life created by stand-replacement fires? Every species has unique needs. For many plant species, fire provides a new lease on life by releasing abundant nutrients resulting in vigorous growth. […]

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Little Brown Myotis bat

Little Brown Myotis

Bird Animal of the Month by Lewis Young The Little Brown Myotis (Myotis lucifugus), also known as the Little Brown Bat, is the most common bat in Montana and one of the most common in the United States until recent years. It is well named since it is small and normally some shade of brown. […]

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Bufflehead - Photo Credit: Dick Walker


by Cory Davis Who doesn’t love to see that bright white head popping up on a mountain lake on a gray day? “There’s a bufflehead!” Always one of the easiest ducks to identify, even the females are distinctive with a conspicuous, white cheek patch. Appropriately for Montana, their name refers to the large buffalo-like shaped […]

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Spruce Grouse (adult male) - Photo Credit: Jake Bramante

Spruce Grouse

by Ellen Horowitz Spruce Grouse are known by many names: Franklin’s grouse, Canada grouse, wood grouse, spruce partridge and black partridge. But the name most people think of when they see this forest dweller is “fool hen” due to its unwary nature and reluctance to fly away from humans. However, the bird’s laid-back behavior is what […]

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Northern Goshawk juvenile - Photo Credit: BJ Worth

Northern Goshawk

GO GOSHAWK! By Ben Long Some birders prefer pretty, showy waterfowl. Some like little perching birds that sing so lovely. Some of us go for goshawks, because they are enormously gifted predators, and dress the part. The Northern Goshawk is the largest of the tribe of hawks called accipiter. These are the fighter jets of the […]

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