Information Kiosk in Owen Sowerwine Natural Area Photo Credit: Linda Winnie

Volunteers Needed for OSNA Monitoring Project – 2019

2019 OSNA Volunteer Monitoring begins this month! from Linda Winnie, Co-Chair, Owen Sowerwine Committee Reports from Volunteer Monitors underpin Flathead Audubon’s management of OSNA. The reports give our OSNA On-the-Ground Manager up-to-date information on maintenance needs at Owen Sowerwine. They provide observational data that feeds into our records of what birds and wildlife and native vegetation…

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Jewel Basin Hawk Watch 2018—a Very Different Season

by Dan Casey After more than ten years of experience monitoring fall migration of raptors in the Jewel Basin, we should typically see about 2,600 raptors (mean, 2,598) on about 45 survey days between the end of August and early November. This year we once again conducted 45 surveys, although our average survey length of…

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