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Eureka CBC 2016 Report

by Lewis Young, compiler

The 24nd annual Eureka Christmas bird count was held on Saturday December 17 in bitter cold weather that ranged from -17F to +3F. Twelve hardy people went to the field and 16 people counted at their feeders.  Fifty-two species and 2206 individual birds were recorded.  There were record high counts for 2 species–Great Blue Heron (6) and Lewis’ Woodpecker (2). Record low counts were recorded for Rough-legged Hawks(2), Black-capped Chickadees (21), Mountain Chickadees (22), and White-breasted Nuthatches (0).  The scarcity of chickadees at feeders was noted by many feeder watchers. Nearly half of the species found were represented by 1-5 individuals.  The most numerous species were Bohemian Waxwing (703) and Wild Turkey (233).

Thanks to all the participants for making this another enjoyable CBC!

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