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Looking for incoming raptors at the Jewel Basin Hawk Watch site – Photo Credit: Jake Bramante

As the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, two things happen here at Flathead Audubon.  First of all, we head up to Jewel Basin for another season of Hawk Watch. Come up and join our volunteers – no birding experience necessary! Keep track of our season’s counts with live updates via dunkadoo.org!

Second of all, our monthly general meetings kick into gear with great presentations and a time to get all “birdy-nerdy”. These events are the second Monday of every month from September through May.

Also, our 2018 Phenology Calendar called “Glacier Country” is now available for sale! It features 365 days of “what’s happening” in northwest Montana’s wild places as well as activities. Some of these activities are done at home while others are events such as Earth Day and the Forestry Expo. Each month also features a wonderful photo of flora or fauna with a wonderful insight into what’s happening.

Purchase the calendar at our general meetings, at numerous retailers near you, or on our own Flathead Audubon Store.

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By Jeannie Marcure In an effort to improve my birding skills, I’ve recently been trying to learn to identify birds by their calls. For someone lacking musical training or talent, this is a daunting task, so it makes sense that I’d have a special fondness for any bird that makes this job easier by calling […]

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Marsh Wren

Marsh Wren

By Jeannie Marcure This months’ feature bird might well be described as the “Mighty Mouse” of our local marshes and ponds. My memorable first encounter with this little dynamo occurred one spring day as my husband and I were carrying our kayak through a wet area to reach water. Alerted by a noisy chattering sound, […]

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Ruby-crowned & Golden-crowned Kinglets

By Linda de Kort Last week, the serviceberry bushes by our home were buzzing with royal activity. Kinglets of both local species were flitting and hovering, gleaning the insects from the leaves of the bush. This gave me a golden and ruby opportunity to compare the field markings of these two diminutive birds. The kinglets […]

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Red-Necked Grebe Photo Credit: Jan Wassink

Red-necked Grebe

By Jeannie Marcure Webster defines a grebe as: “any of a family (Podicipedidae) of swimming and diving birds closely related to loons but having lobed toes.” In western Montana, six species of grebes are found during breeding season: Western, Clark’s, Eared, Horned, Pied-billed, and the topic of this month’s article, the Red-necked. I became familiar […]

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Virginia Rail

By Gail Cleveland Virginia Rails are solitary, seldom-seen birds of the marsh, but if you ever see them in a group, they will probably be in migration or out in the open because of flooding in their home range. If you are lucky enough to see them in a group, you will have seen a […]

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By Lewis Young If you have ever watched a large wintertime flock of waxwings around Kalispell and have seen a small dark bird chasing the waxwings and exhibiting an impressive display of speed and agility, then you likely have seen a merlin. Such a sight can be seen with some frequency every winter in Kalispell. […]

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