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Snow Geese above pond Photo Credit: Dick Walker

Spring is in the air! Well it’s not quite here just yet, but we’ve had a few warmer spells that are getting us excited. With the longer days, we know that migrations will start happening soon (thus the Snow Geese photo from Freezout Lake). There is a lot going on, so make sure that you check back every day to see what the latest news is. Also keep checking our Calendar page to find out what great presentations we have lined up as well as some fantastic field trips.

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Latest News


Gamble’s Quail

By Dennis Hester Where are they and why haven’t I been able to spot one in Montana? So you have been all over Montana trying to fill your quail sighting quotient in hopes of being able to check all those little boxes in the back of your bird book but to no avail. You’ve logged […]

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Northern Shrike  Photo Credit: Ron Lacey

Northern Shrike

By Lewis Young The Northern Shrike is a solitary “masked hunter” that may be found in the northern U.S., including the Flathead Valley, during the winter. Its scientific name is Lanius excubitor and means “butcher watchman.” It is a pale gray bird with lightly barred under-parts and black wings, tail, and mask. The black wings […]

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Vaux’s Swift

By Lisa Bate The Vaux’s Swift (Chaetura vauxi) is the smallest swift in North America, just slightly smaller than its eastern counterpart, the Chimney Swift (Chaetura pelagica). Best described as a “flying cigar,” this species is easily recognized by its small, cigar-shaped body with long, pointed wings, and short stubby tail. Typically, they can be […]

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Northern Pintail

Northern Pintail

By Ben Long All wild ducks are beautiful but for my money, the most beautiful is the Northern Pintail. They have a combination of aerial grace, striking plumage, heft and old-fashioned class. They are ducks with elan. There are some 35 species of ducks in North America, many of which find their way to the […]

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Eurasian Collared Dove

By Ben Young And the winner for the North American “Bird of the Decade” award is . . . the Eurasian Collared-Dove (Streptopelia decaocto). That was my determination at the turn of the decade, and I’d make a case for it three years later. Likely no other bird species on record has stormed the North […]

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Dusky Grouse

By Ben Long The official name of Montana’s “Blue Grouse” is now the “Dusky Grouse.” But I always think of them as Kamikaze Grouse. Here’s why. My family was driving a mountain road one May when we spied a male Dusky Grouse doing its spring mating dance along the barrow pit. The handsome fellow’s tail […]

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