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We strive to be your Northwest Montana Bird Headquarters. Feel free to return to this site many times for everything “Birdy.”

Harlequin Duck Photo Credit: Dick Walker

Summer is a time for getting out and exploring our landscapes. At Flathead Audubon, our primary objective is seeing all of our feathered friends, but that’s an excuse to see our wild country and ALL of its inhabitants.

We are getting outside with many incredible field trips. Make sure you head on over to our Activities and Field Trips Page to see what’s happening and what excursions you may want to join in on. During the summer, we take a break from our monthly meetings, but will resume again in September. Check out the Latest News which will have recaps of our field trips as well as some great stories and announcements as summer draws to a close.

Also, our 2018 Phenology Calendar called “Glacier Country” is now available for sale! It features 365 days of “what’s happening” in northwest Montana’s wild places as well as activities. Some of these activities are done at home while others are events such as Earth Day and the Forestry Expo. Each month also features a wonderful photo of flora or fauna with a wonderful insight into what’s happening.

Purchase the calendar at our meetings when they resume in the fall, at numerous retailers near you, or on our own Flathead Audubon Store.

In the meantime, get out, enjoy the longer days, and say hello to our summer birds!

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Latest News

Pacific Wren

By Ben Young Birders have enjoyed much activity in the world of the wren in recent years, months, and weeks. Over a year ago I found myself chasing a Sinaloa Wren, originally found near Patagonia, AZ, a bird that would later be accepted as a new ABA record. More locally, Montana birders were treated to […]

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White-tailed Ptarmigan

By Mary Nelesen For the past five summers, I have searched in vain for a glimpse of a White-tailed Ptarmigan. This past summer, I was fortunate and saw a flock of them just by chance. Myfirst experience in seeing this elusive bird was while walking along the Highline Trail at Logan Pass in Glacier National […]

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Tree Swallow

Tree Swallow

By Lisa Bate It usually happens sometime in March. I am outside working on the farm when I hear what sounds like bubbling water flying overhead. Then I just smile knowing that the tree swallows (Tachycineta bicolor) have returned from their wintering grounds and with them, have brought the real beginning of spring to northwest […]

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Spruce Grouse

By Kathy Ross Imagine the shock of hearing an engine start up in the middle of a beautiful forest a long distance from road or apparent civilization. I know I was truly puzzled and a little disconcerted by this mechanical sound in the quiet of a peaceful woodland setting, only to discover it was an […]

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American Redstart

By Lewis Young Although a member of the large family of wood-warblers that are sometimes difficult to tell apart, American Redstarts have distinctive color patterns and behavioral traits that make them relatively easy to identify. Adult males are glossy black with bright orange patches on wings, tail and sides. The belly and under the tail […]

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Tennessee Warbler

By Gail Cleveland Among the breeding wood warblers in Western Montana, the Tennessee Warbler has been the most elusive and difficult to see each summer. For 25 years, my husband Bruce and I have taken an annual May bike ride from the Trego area down Wolf Creek to the Fisher River and on to the […]

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