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Common Redpolls in Flight – Photo Credit: Jake Bramante


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Latest News

Jan Wassink Photo

Northern Hawk Owl

By Mary Nelesen It was one of those brilliantly clear winter days when I came upon an owl perched on a bare branch of an aspen tree in Glacier National Park. Being a new resident to NW Montana, I had not seen this owl before and was not at all familiar with what I was […]

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Varied Thrush

Varied Thrush

By Gail Cleveland Think thick, damp, mossy coniferous forest. I think Avalanche Campground and the Cedars Nature Trail. Think a more isolated patch of old growth with an understory of alders, ferns and Devil’s Club. I think a Middle Fork adventure hike. Now within that dank solitude, listen. I hear a series of single drawn […]

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American Dipper

by Jeannie Marcure One of my favorite things about bird watching is that it can be done almost anywhere and can easily be combined with other pastimes. If you’re quietly aware of the natural world around you, great birding moments often happen when you least expect them. One such serendipitous moment occurred for me last […]

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snowy 2

Snowy Owl

By Marcy Mahr My fascination with Snowy Owls (Bubo scandiacus) began with a close encounter of the bird kind one winter day in the mid-1980s while I was in college in Vermont. I was studying in the library when I heard a soft thud against the window. I looked up from my book right into […]

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Great Blue Heron

By Ben Long The Great Blue Heron is one of those big, glamorous birds that delight both the novice and the expert birder alike. Not everyone appreciates the different phases of the dark-eyed junco, or can distinguish the calls of treetop warblers, but everyone can appreciate the Great Blue Heron. First off, they are big. […]

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By Jeannie Marcure In an effort to improve my birding skills, I’ve recently been trying to learn to identify birds by their calls. For someone lacking musical training or talent, this is a daunting task, so it makes sense that I’d have a special fondness for any bird that makes this job easier by calling […]

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