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Common Redpolls in Flight – Photo Credit: Jake Bramante


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Spotted Sandpiper

By Jeannie Marcure Now that spring is officially here, it seems appropriate to write about one of my favorite spring arrivals— the Spotted Sandpiper. Before I became serious about birding, the word sandpiper evoked an image of sunny tropical beaches filled with small unidentifiable birds playing happily in the surf. However, as I became more […]

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Wood Duck

Wood Duck vs Harlequin Duck

By John Ashley There are only two serious contenders for the most dazzling duck in western Montana. The male Wood Duck and male Harlequin Duck are easily our most decked-out waterfowl. But other than looking outrageously handsome, there are surprisingly few similarities between these two Montana natives. Trying to describe the feathers on these fellows […]

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House Wren

House Wren

By Jeannie Marcure Because we live in such a desirable tourist destination, many of us have frequent visitors during our beautiful short summers. In fact, a common joke around the Flathead describes our climate as nine months of winter and three months of relatives! At our home south of town, we’ve been privileged to have […]

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Great Gray Owl

By Melissa Sladek One dark, cloudy, fall morning I took a stroll through the forest. My dog and I favor a piece of state land that, other than taking some effort to get to, is full of trails and woods, a perfect place for a pair of explorers like us. The day was similar to […]

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Common Raven

Common Raven

By Gail Cleveland The acrobatic aerial display of two jet black birds soaring, wheeling and tumbling with wingtips touching — inverted commas in the sky. This spring scene is the mating display of the Common Raven,the largest of the passerines (perching birds) that has “become the most widely naturally disturbed bird in the world, inhabiting […]

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Northern Flicker

By Lisa Bate See a flash of red-orange from a flying bird, hear the familiar “flicka, flicka, flicka” call and I know that one of my favorite birds has just landed. It is the Northern Flicker (Colaptes auratus)! This species is unmistakable in the field because the lower surface of its wings and tail are […]

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