Conservation Correspondence

Conservation Correspondence from 2010 to present is listed below by date and topic. Click on a topic to view the correspondence document. For earlier correspondence go to the bottom of this page.

Lawrence Park Grant – Kalispell Parks & Rec 1/19
Migratory Bird Treaty Act – US Congress  2
Foys Bend alfalfa renovation – MFWP  6-22
Smith Lake Community Forest – MT DNRC 6-22
Lost Trail Forest Legacy Project – MFWP 8-29
Proposed Grizzly Bear Rule – MFWP 9-11

Strengthen Controls on Aquatic Invasives – FWP 3/13
Reversal of Lead Phase-out – Sen. Tester 4/4
(Same letter sent to Sen. Daines)
Reversal of Lead Phase-out – Sec. Zinke 4/4
Bison Range Scoping Comments – USFS 6-21
Supporting Endangered Species Act Sign-on Letter – Congress  6/16
Whitefish Lake Watershed Project Draft EA – FWP 6/29
LWCF Sign-on Wildlife Society Letter – MT Senators 6
Support Sage-grouse Conservation Sign-on NAS Letter – Bullock 6  
National Bison Range Complex – USFS   9/25
Sage Grouse – BLM 11/29

Kalispell-Kerr Transmission Line Rebuild DEA 2/21
Invasive Aquatic Proposed New Rule 3/20
MFWP Acquisition of 3 DNRC Inholdings EA 4/7
Ninepipes Viewing Stations EA 5/12
Transfer of Bison Range to CKST 11/26

Ninepipe Draft Management Plan 4/14
Duncan Amendment restricting enforcement of MBTA 6/24
North Shore Farm Lease Extension Draft EA 7/13
Montana Clean Power Plan 8/23
LWCF reauthorization Daines 9/20
LWCF reauthorization Tester 9/20
LWCF reauthorization Zinke 9/20
South WF Range Project CE 9/20
Western Sage Grouse Amendment 12/10

Trout Management for Quartz & Logging EA 1/21
Otter Island Area Additions Draft EA 7/11
Proposed Amendments to Rules on Fish Importation 7/11
Duck Stamp Price Increase -Tester 12/3
Duck Stamp Price Increase -Walsh 12/3
National Greater Sage-grouse Conservation Management 12/4

Montana Greater Sage-grouse Conservation Strategy 12/3
Church Slough Boat Ramp Permit Supplemental EA 6/25
Otter Island Acquisition 10/8
Alvord Lake Community Forest Grant Application 12/17

Rose Creek GNP Project EA 1/17
Kootenai Forest Plan Draft 5/7

Church Slough Petition to Change Boating Regulations Draft EA 2/18
Eagle Conservation Plan Guidance Draft  5/13
Wind Energy Guidelines Draft 5/13
Quartz Creek GNP Fish Barrier Scoping 9/5

Goose Island Proposed Flood Plain Development 3/7
Proposed North Shore Ranch Estates Subdivision 3/22
Boat Ramp on Church Slough Permit EA 3/24
Griffin Creek Resource Management Project 4/18
Mountain Goat Draft EA 10/27
Regulation of Russian Olive

Correspondence from 2004-2009 can be viewed by downloading a zipped folder containing 30 items. Click here to download that folder.