Owen Sowerwine Natural Area


New species added to the OSNA Bird list – Black-and-white Warbler, spotted by Nate Kohler.

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The 2018 OSNA Volunteer Monitoring season has started! 

Volunteer Monitors provide the on-site information that underpins Flathead Audubon’s management of the Owen Sowerwine Natural Area.


It’s easy to be an OSNA volunteer monitor. Just take a Volunteer Monitoring Form along when you pay a visit to Owen Sowerwine. As you walk the trails, fill out the form based on what you see, and send it to the address on the form. You only need to fill out those parts of the form that cover the part of OSNA you have explored.

Or become a scheduled monitor. Pick the month you want for your scheduled visit, and pick whether you want to do it the first half of that month or the last half. You can sign up at a Flathead Audubon meeting, or contact Linda Winnie at lindawin626@gmail.com or 755-1406. We still need scheduled monitors for some periods in the summer months.

For more information, check out OSNA Volunteer Monitoring Program in the side bar to the right.

THANK YOU to all who have already sent in monitoring forms in this 2018 season, and to all who have already signed up to do a scheduled visit. served as Volunteer Monitors over the years. Your help with FAS management of OSNA is greatly appreciated.


The Greenridge Entrance to OSNA is open.

The trees that were blown down onto the Greenridge entrance gate last fall have been removed, and the Greenridge path has been cleared. Some minimal damage to the gate and nearby fence remains, but the entrance is open and ready to use. The remaining damage will be repaired this spring.


Take a Walk Through Owen Sowerwine:

1 Gate LW
2 gate signs LW
5 people at kiosk LW
32 OSNA trail BM
33OSNA river 2 BM
24 Mallards JW
16 OSNA trail BM
30 class at OSNA NZ
13 summer trickle BM (2)
14 berries SH
15 waxwing 1 BM
18 Group on Trail SH
18a looking at river SH
23 OSNA river with ducks BM (2)
10 heron take off BM
25 C Geese BM (2)
19 OSNA river BM (2)
28 dogwood 2 BM (2)
12 Junco JW