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Owen Sowerwine Natural Area


The Greenridge Entrance to OSNA is now open. The trees that were blown down onto the Greenridge entrance gate have been removed, and the Greenridge path has been cleared. Some minimal damage to the gate and nearby fence remains, but the entrance is open and ready to use. The remaining damage will be repaired in the spring.

A BIG THANK YOU to all who have helped with our OSNA Volunteer Monitoring Program this summer and fall. Volunteer Monitors provide up-to-date information about what is happening at Owen Sowerwine that is essential to Flathead Audubon’s management of OSNA. We’ll be looking for volunteers again in the spring.

We focused on weed and exotic plant removal at our September 30 ANNUAL OSNA WORKDAY with great success. It was a beautiful fall day – despite the prediction for rain, so we all enjoyed just being there. The December Pileated Post and the News section of this website provide more details and pictures.


Take a Walk Through Owen Sowerwine:

1 Gate LW
2 gate signs LW
5 people at kiosk LW
32 OSNA trail BM
33OSNA river 2 BM
24 Mallards JW
16 OSNA trail BM
30 class at OSNA NZ
13 summer trickle BM (2)
14 berries SH
15 waxwing 1 BM
18 Group on Trail SH
18a looking at river SH
23 OSNA river with ducks BM (2)
10 heron take off BM
25 C Geese BM (2)
19 OSNA river BM (2)
28 dogwood 2 BM (2)
12 Junco JW

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