Owen Sowerwine Natural Area


The 2018 annual OSNA Work Day on September 29, was a great success – and lots of fun. The roughly 20 participants worked in beautiful fall weather to install two new interpretive signs, clear and mow the trails, remove more than 20 bags of noxious weeds and weed seed heads, and make more progress on eliminating exotic invasive viburnam. All the while making extra noise to warn off a nearby grizzly bear.

Watch for details and more pictures in the November Pileated Post and in the news section of this website. 


Thank You to all who helped with the  OSNA Volunteer Monitoring Program this 2018 season. Your observations provided us with crucial on-the-ground information about management needs at OSNA this summer. As usual, the Program starts again next spring in March, and will run through October. Hope you can help out again sometime in that period. 


Take a Walk Through Owen Sowerwine:

1 Gate LW
2 gate signs LW
5 people at kiosk LW
32 OSNA trail BM
33OSNA river 2 BM
24 Mallards JW
16 OSNA trail BM
30 class at OSNA NZ
13 summer trickle BM (2)
14 berries SH
15 waxwing 1 BM
18 Group on Trail SH
18a looking at river SH
23 OSNA river with ducks BM (2)
10 heron take off BM
25 C Geese BM (2)
19 OSNA river BM (2)
28 dogwood 2 BM (2)
12 Junco JW