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Loons on Van Lake, Swan Valley - Photo Credit: Jessica Curry

Loons and Lead – You can help!

Here in northwest Montana we are fortunate to have both a population of common loons and good fishing in many lakes that support loons. Unfortunately, the lead sinkers and jigs often used for fishing pose a significant threat to loons. Loons often swallow fishing tackle and lead is toxic to loons. One lead sinker can […]

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Northern Goshawk juvenile - Photo Credit: BJ Worth

Northern Goshawk

GO GOSHAWK! By Ben Long Some birders prefer pretty, showy waterfowl. Some like little perching birds that sing so lovely. Some of us go for goshawks, because they are enormously gifted predators, and dress the part. The Northern Goshawk is the largest of the tribe of hawks called accipiter. These are the fighter jets of the […]

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Chirps and Squawks

May 2016 Chirps and Squawks

Highlights from April 2016 Board Meeting Heard report that IRS Form 990 due by May 15. Board meeting scheduled for June 6 to make up for the one missed earlier. Heard that Bruce Tannehill will be doing the annual financial examination. Tabled Montana Audubon request for 2 year donation commitment until obtain more detailed information. […]

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Glacier Christmas Bird Count Photo Credit: Jake Bramante

Glacier National Park CBC 2015 Report

by Lisa Bate and Jami Belt On December 20, 2015, 23 observers on 11 field routes and one feeder site (West Glacier) recorded 406 birds of 33 species. This count marked the 42nd Glacier National Park Christmas Bird Count (CBC) since 1973, contributing to the 116th year of the National Audubon Society’s CBC. The main […]

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LOOK OUT FOR LOONS! By Linda Winnie This time of year, large numbers of loons are migrating from their summer nesting grounds. You can contribute to our understanding of this phenomenon by watching for these birds and reporting any color-banded loons you see or any large flocks you observe. Sixty-nine loons have been captured and […]

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