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Glacier Christmas Bird Count Photo Credit: Jake Bramante

Eureka CBC 2016 Report

by Lewis Young, compiler The 24nd annual Eureka Christmas bird count was held on Saturday December 17 in bitter cold weather that ranged from -17F to +3F. Twelve hardy people went to the field and 16 people counted at their feeders.  Fifty-two species and 2206 individual birds were recorded.  There were record high counts for […]

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GSGR male

The Greater Sage-Grouse

Emblem of the American West By Mary Nelesen I have been interested in this iconic bird of the western sagebrush grasslands for many years but was unable to see one until last April, when my husband, Tom, and I, along with two friends, had an opportunity to view Greater Sage-Grouse on their lek outside of […]

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Christmas Bird Count

Libby Christmas Bird Count 2015 Results

46th ANNUAL LIBBY CBC By: Gene Reckin The 46th Libby Christmas b7ird count took place on December 19th with 12 observers. The day was mostly overcast with a low of 25 degrees and a high of 36 with no wind and light to heavy snowfall in the afternoon. Thirty-five species and a total of 1650 […]

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Varied Thrush Photo Credit: Will Young

Eureka Christmas Bird Count 2015 Results

by Lewis Young The 23nd annual Eureka Christmas bird count was held on Sunday December 20 in mild weather.  We are one of about 30 counts in Montana that are part of National Audubon Society’s long running citizen science Christmas Bird Counts. Twenty people went to the field and 19 people counted at their feeders.  […]

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Wild Turkey

By Gail Cleveland Although the Wild Turkey was well known to American Indians and widely used as food, certain tribes considered these birds stupid and cowardly and did not eat them for fear of acquiring these characteristics. In early August, two Wild Turkey Moms and twelve chicks showed up in our backyard. At that time […]

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