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Boat tour on Flathead Lake - Photo Credit: Doug MacCarter

Trip to Flathead Lake Bio Station

By Doug MacCarter. On a beautiful June 19th, fifteen scientifically curious folks met at the Flathead Lake Biological Station to learn about birds and research conducted at the University of Montana’s field station at Yellow Bay. The group was met first by field trip leader Doug MacCarter, and later by the Station Assistant Director Tom […]

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President Kay Mitchell at 2016 Potluck - Photo Credit: Linda Winnie

May President’s Column

My, how time doesn’t fly when you have a winter like we’ve just had! We are being rewarded for our enforced patience now with the return of our birds of every size, color and song. And after a siege like we’ve gone through, we can even begrudgingly appreciate the ones who peck holes in the […]

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Yellow-rumped Warbler

By Linda DeKort If you ask when Yellow-rumped Warblers will be returning to our valley, Bruce Tannehill, from Flathead Audubon, will tell you immediately, “between April 25th and May 1st”. Bruce and his wife, Gail Cleveland, are avid birders who know their neighborhood birds intimately. Like the rest of us, they look forward to the […]

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