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NOTE: WE HAVE MOVED! Audubon Trunks are now located at Lone Pine State Park! Lone Pine Visitor Center Staff will assist you with checkouts and returns. Call them at 755-2706 Ext. 2, or email Derrick.Rathe@mt.gov for directions and help.

Flathead Audubon Society has educational materials for teachers, home-schoolers, and others interested in birds, their habitats, and conservation. All trunks are free of charge.

Preschool Bird Costume

Preschool Bird ID Costume

Use these trunks and materials to build, enhance, or tie into a class unit on birds or a complementary habitat topic! These hands-on and interactive materials will provide your students with unique and fun learning opportunity.

To find out more about these educational trucks, just click on a specific trunk in the scroll-down menu, or  contact the Flathead Audubon Conservation Educator at AudubonEducator@gmail.com

Flathead Audubon Education Trunks:

(Updated 2/1/2018)

Common Birds of the Flathead (1 trunk)

Bird Identification and Costume (2 trunks)

Bird Identification and Pre-school/Early Primary Costume (1 trunk)

Bird Field Studies:

Field Guides:

                  National Geographic (one box with 20 guides)

Binoculars: (2 boxes)

6.5 X 32 Eagle Optics (20 in box)

7 X 35 Nikon – larger in size (11 in box)

Combo box: (20 ‘Montana Birds’ guides, 8  Vector 8×38

Riparian Wetlands: Birds and the River (1 box, 1 large map tube)

Snowy Owls: Whoo are They? (1)

Cavity Nesters (1, in 2 boxes)

Hummingbirds (1)

Our Changing Neighborhood Storyboard (1)

Owls of Montana (1, in 3 boxes)

* We also have Supplemental Materials boxes: (1) Bird Skins, (2) Feathers, (3) Nests and Eggs, (4) Plush Bird Toys and Puppets, and (5) Grow Native School Gardens — which can be checked out individually. Some of these are fragile and one-of-a-kind, but can be reserved online and checked out, same method as the trunks.


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